Mark 927 1999



Mark Apr 99.jpg

back row l to r  T Donald(1990/1992), D W Smillie(1988/1990), W Gilchrist(1993/1995/6), J Brown(1994/1996)

J Miller(1978/1980), T Sorbie(1995/6/1998), I Dick(1987/1989), J Carmichael(1989/1991).

front row l to r L Carmichael(1976/1978), C Buckle(Cand.), J Smillie(RWM 927), W Brooks(1997/1999),

J Gardner(1999/2001), G McConnell(Cand.) J McFadyen(1960/1962).

The first date in brackets is when the RWM, the second date is when Mark Master.

The above article was written for the Linlithgowshire Provincial Magazine circa 2001.